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The Official Home of Author JASON McINTYRE

Now Available

An Anthology of Short Novels

From the author of the Dovetail Cove books and On The Gathering Storm comes a collection of new suspense, horror, science fiction and psychological thriller novellas. Also includes author notes on the inspirations and background of each tale plus bonus copies of previously published novellas.

QUESTIONS NO ONE ASKED // A summer internship in a faraway city offers a tantalizing freedom, a pair of rose-coloured glasses, and the backdrop to the start of a life-long obsession. But what first tastes like life brimming with sweet promise quickly turns cold and bitter.

PLEASANT BEACH // Brian and Derek leave the cold Nebraska winter behind on the spring break vacation of a lifetime south of Cancun, Mexico. It doesn’t take long to realize it was the mistake of a lifetime.

PAPER THIN // Liv emerges from the Pacific Ocean near Puerto Vallarta fundamentally changed. A bizarre set of circumstances has brought her to the very depths of despair. She came here to finally recuperate from life’s last fundamental challenge, now she faces a dreadful new one.

WE CAN MAKE IT IF WE RUN // Empty Nesters Tom and Deirdre Mason catch a stroke of bad luck on their yearly RV trip down south. It’s unfamiliar terrain, a flash flood, followed by a heatwave and no one around for miles. But Tom’s a problem-solver. He can get them out of this, can’t he?

THIRD SUMMER // Clayton turns fifty today and stands at the precipice of a new life after the end of his tumultuous marriage. He’s used the very last of his savings to purchase a summer cabin at Dow Lake but between repairs on his dilapidated shack and something sinister in these woods, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.